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Capitol Christmas Tree begins journey from Yaak, Montana to Washington, DC

Wednesday, November 08, 2017



The journey begins for this year's Capitol Christmas Tree.

Hand-picked this spring from the Kootenai National Forest, it will now travel over 3,000 miles to Washington, DC.

Tuesday marked the "felling" or cutting down of the 81-foot tall Engelmann spruce.

Out of a forest of trees, the U.S. Forest Service narrowed down its selection to six needle-branched contestants.

This final tree was chose because of its luscious green color and full tree limbs.

After it was pruned, a fifth generation sawyer sawed it at the base, which measures 26-inches in diameter.

Using a two-crane pulley system, it was hoisted on top of a semi-truck and laid to rest in a wooden cradle.

For the next week, the limbs on the tree will be slowly tucked into its truck, eight inches at a time, so not to break tree branch and to allow it to fit inside an eight-by-eight foot plexiglass box.

Be sure to join ABC FOX Montana along this journey of hauling one of America's most special Christmas trees.

It will depart from Libby for Whitefish on Monday, and then make several stops in Montana along the way before it reaches its final destination of Washington, D.C.


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