US Capitol Christmas Tree News

Introducing the official 2021 logo!

Thursday, May 13, 2021

It is with great pride we formally introduce the official 2021 U.S. Capitol Christmas tree logo. For some, a logo is merely a design with identifying imagery attached to an organization. For the Six Rivers National Forest, we intended to create a logo jam-packed with unique symbology that fully represented our theme of “Six Rivers, Many Peoples, One Tree.”

We believe we did that!

Here are the design elements found in the logo:

  • The predominant colors of red and green of course bring out the holiday season
  • The mountains reflect mountains near the Six Rivers National Forest (to include The Trinity’s, Siskiyou's, and Lassic’s)
  • The six colors of the river, hence the Six Rivers
  • The trees, our plentiful and vibrant forests, and home to Bigfoot!
  • The Salmon - our anadromous fish
  • The rainbow of people represent all peoples, of our region, state, and Nation, holding hands in peace and support.
  • The flower is the endangered Lassic Lupine, which is complemented by Acorns, which are foundational to the peoples of the area
  • There are 113 red and white lights on the tree, representing the Native tribes of California
  • The 16 in red represent the 16 local tribes that call the Six Rivers part of their ancestral land
  • The tree skirt design is used with permission from a local tribal basket cap|
  • The design around the border is the traditional friendship design used by native basket weavers
  • Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by following #ManyPeoplesOneTree.

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